'The hippocampus is a small region of the brain that is primarily associated with memory and spatial navigation'. Also an archaeo- DJ with the ability to navigate diverse soundscapes. 
CIfA, Brighton
CIfA, Brighton

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Punk set at the Fossgate Social
Punk set at the Fossgate Social

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CIfA, Brighton
CIfA, Brighton

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John Schofield, Archaeology Professor and Director of Cultural Heritage Management at University of York. 
Also a York-based DJ. Conference and 'milestone' parties, museum and gallery openings and bespoke DJ sets - venues large and small. Eclectic playlist: Techno, House, Pop, Disco, Indie, Folk, Alt-folk, Rock, Glam, Country ... provided it has a beat and a good bass-line we are in business!
Producer: Hippocampus DJ
Engineer: Rob Tissera
Hippocampus DJ and Liam Maloney
CIfA 2020 Conference Party
Komedia, Bath (23 April 2020)
Retirement Party for Regional Director, Environment Agency
York Railway Institute (31 January 2020)
'When the Wall fell, Techno happened'. Talk and Berlin Techno DJ set
Forty-five Vinyl Cafe, York (29 January 2020 - part of Independent Venue Week)
TAG Conference Party
UCL (17 December 2019)
Punk Exhibition Launch
Lincoln Women's Prison, Lincoln Castle (9 August 2019)
University of York Arch Soc Summer Ball
King's Manor, York (13 June 2019)
CIfA 2019 Conference Party
Leeds (25 April 2019)
TAG Deva: 40th Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference

Chester (18 December 2018)

40th Birthday Party
nr York (15 December 2018)
Stella and Pete's Wedding 
nr York (14 July 2018)
'ASSEMBLAGE' at the Tabacalera, for C.R.A.S.
Madrid, Spain (30 June 2018)
Professor Leo Schmidt's Birthday Party 
Cottbus, Germany (26 June 2018)
University of York Arch Soc Summer Ball
King's Manor, York (1 June 2018)
CIfA 2018 Conference Party
Brighton (26 April 2018)
Punk and Country Gig
FortyFive Vinyl Cafe, York (2 February 2018)
University of York Arch Soc Christmas Ball
King's Manor, York (late November 2017)
Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference Party
Cardiff (December 2017)
80s Night
The Nook, York (12 October 2017)
University of York Arch Soc Summer Ball
King's Manor, York (12 June 2017)
Southampton University Archaeology Department 50th Anniversary Party
Student Union, Southampton University (29 April 2017)
CIfA 2017 Conference Party
Wylam Brewery, Newcastle (19 April 2017)
Punk & Reggae night at the Fossgate Social, York
On the 40th anniversary of the release of Anarchy in the UK
(26 November 2016)
University of York Arch Soc Christmas Ball
King's Manor, York (25 November 2016)

End of term Macarena

Anarchy at CIfA

Techno at Tabacalera


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'I wanted to use my retirement as a reason to bring a lot of my wonderful work colleagues together in a celebration of life for all of us. An excuse to have a party. So that was why around 300 people - of all ages - turned up on a cold January evening in York. But what kept them dancing until late was the man who controlled the music. As well as peppering the evening with a few 'tracks of my years', he seemed to have an uncanny ability to read the room and create an atmosphere where everyone just wanted to dive in and express themselves through moving to the music. One guest who needed to leave to catch their last train only got as far as the door before hanging their coat back up and rejoining the party! Best of all, the people who were there are still talking about it. And they all know why Hippocampus is such a perfect stagename for Professor John Schofield! (Mark Scott MBE, 31 January 2020)

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